MORE THAN GREEN —— International Summer Course (by the sea): URBAN DESIGN AND SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE  University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain. 15-26th July 2013
Methodology + Course Structure

Master classes, teamwork and project reviews within the context of four different ways of understanding sustainability: ENVIRONMENTALLY, SOCIALLY, ECONOMICALLY and CULTURALLY.

Teaching experts and well-known professionals on sustainability will join the experience. These will assist the students in their project development as well as nourishing them with theoretical contents, personal experiences and references of good practices corresponding to every specific thematic area.
And all this, within a flexible course structure that allows the combination of master classes, teamwork, project reviews and, also, free time.

Lenght: 2 weeks

Lectures: 8 days x 4 hours = 32 hours

Project review: 2 days x 5 hours = 10 hours

Presentation: 2 hours

Final review + Closing Event: 6 hours /

TOTAL: 50 hours (5 credits)


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