MORE THAN GREEN —— International Summer Course (by the sea): URBAN DESIGN AND SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE  University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain. 15-26th July 2013
Contents + Objectives

IMPROVE YOUR DESIGN SKILLS: based on an open criticism of the “only green” approach for the construction of our future sustainable cities, this course offers a much wider, complex and playful perspective at the same time.

“Sustainability is not just an environmental issue but, and above all, a socialcultural and economic one. This course about URBAN DESIGN and SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE proposes a complex incursion within the subject of sustainability understood not only as a problem but as an opportunity to meet new approaches to the city in a creative, innovative, playful and unprejudiced way.” 



“Wanna be sustainable? Play with me!”

The course takes its basis on an open criticism of the usual “only green” approach for the construction of our future sustainable cities by offering a much wider, complex and playful perspective at the same time. This attitude goes through understanding reality from four different points of view: cultural, social, economic and environmental. This ideology is not new; it is the one defended by the world leaders under their new global policies which, soon, will become mandatory in our countries. Likewise, this ideology structures the course itself.

Why the cities? Simply because they are the problem but not the solution. Vision about sustainability must go beyond its built form and visible systems. The city is also its people, their relationships, history, culture, identity, economic interests. It is not only the city that must be sustainable; it must be, above all, REALITY, understood in the broader sense of the word.

On the other hand, the playful aspect of the work itself turns to be fundamental to go beyond the “a priori” and architectural prejudices. Only a more uninhibited and creative vision on sustainability can help us to build a closer and possible future.

Students will combine the design of a team project –about an specific case- with the supervision of guest experts and their master classes.


More Than Green summercourse



I               To build a knowledge frame –examples of good practices told by guest experts- where students take consciousness of the importance of broadening their understanding of sustainability according to the new world policies.

II              To create a typical multicultural situation of an international course where students coming from different places exchange their various backgrounds and modes of undertaking the sustainable urban project. The diversity of the faculties contributes to enrich this situation.

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